Novell ConsoleONE server

You have to install 3 certificates: Root CA SSL, Intermediate CA SSL and SSL issued for your domain/website.

Note: The file with SSL must be in PKCS #7 format. Server does not import other formats.


  1. Import Intermediate CA certificate and Root CA to Internet Explorer (double click on file and choose Import option). Note: Be sure it is imported to rights stores: Intermediate CA to Intermediate and Root CA to Root.
  2. Double click the certificate issued for domain/website. Select Details tab and press Copy to File option. Then choose Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard - PKCS #7 (.P7B) and select the Include all certificates in the certification path as possible option. Give it a file name, for example "c:\mycert". It will put together this three certificates. Go to Console One and to the certificate that created the CSR. Go to the Public Key Certificate Tab. Select Import then No Trusted Root Certificate available and Next. Import the Server Certificate that you created in step 2 above the example name was c:\mycert.
  3. The certificate is now ready to use.